Masculinity’s Tainted Transmitted Values

joao-santos-219449-unsplash-764x512All too many men today have had to mentor themselves into manhood.  As a result, a tainted masculine culture has evolved which glorifies a man’s aggressive, competitive and controlling nature.  Bolstered by social media culture, it perpetuates the myth of the “self-made man” compelling men to lead lives of isolation, void of deep, meaningful intimate relationships.

Masculinity’s tainted transmitted values instruct men to:

  • Believe that a man needs to be strong, powerful, athletic or have a special skill set to stand out or be someone worth loving.
  • Believe that men are to repress any or most emotional expression, that except for rare occasions like a friend’s funeral never let them see you cry
  • Believe that sex is a conquest to be pursued and to use the frequency of sex as the measure of being loved.
  • Believe that men are suppose to measure their self-worth by his net-worth, his wallet, his work, or his wheels.

The result creates a tainted masculine culture that teaches men to compare and compete with other men.  A culture that discourages and distracts men from having any deep, meaningful relationship with other men or mentors.

But we can change this, remove the tainted, toxic, and restore a healthy masculine culture.  It won’t be easy and cannot be done alone.  It will require even more of all men, but worth every effort.  Restoring a healthy masculine culture benefits you, your family, you community and your country.  Let it begin with me.  How about you?

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