Mindful Manhood Minute: Media


Media: the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively.

How well do you manage the media in your life?  Do you understand how vital it is to manage the media?   Why, because the media that was created to communicate and connect us has become the monster that diligently and deliberately tries to influence our moral compass.  The more they can influence your moral compass the better consumer you become, which adds to their bottom line.  Each of their “followers” are groomed to consume whatever they’re trying to sell.  Maybe it’s something you need or is it?

Don’t get me wrong, media can be educational and encouraging, like the music you listen to while commuting to work, in your office, you home, or working on the job site.  However make sure what your listening to or watching lines up with your beliefs.  Anything else would  be inviting thoughts that create frustration, foolishness, and fear.

Be mindful the media is very good at what it does, as illustrated in the chart above. And be mindful that if your not deliberately managing the media monster in your life, it doing it’s best to manage you.

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