Organizations Battling Pornography’s Poison


“Do you still believe that one person can and does make a difference?”  I do, although if you listen to the news, latest talk show or social media they might beg to differ.  But how do you think a movement started, one committed, consistent voice.

For those who say the porn industry is too big, too profitable, too much a part of our culture.  That’s what they said about the tobacco industry in the 1960s.  As a result of; research, education, policy changes, prevention and advocacy, cigarette smoking has reduced in the US from 42% to 17%.

But it took 50 years to make this progress, change takes time, research, consistent, coordinated efforts, and collective of committed voices.

Below is a list of a few of these committed voices.  Each is working toward the same goals:

  • Reduce the demand for pornography by educating, encouraging, and equipping men and women to live healthy lives free from the need for or use of porn
  • Prevent young people from getting attached or addicted by pornography through early education to kids and parents, through working with like-minded family organizations and faith-based communities.
  • Advocate for more treatment, services, and support systems for those who are addicted to pornography, and their families. This involves engaging leaders in public policy, mental health, and insurance companies to make changes so that men and women can get the treatment they need.
  • Challenge companies who profit from pornography to stop protecting, promoting, and perpetuating the problem. To support education and prevention efforts that will result in real changes, reducing demand for pornography in America just like cigarettes.

Check out these organizations, add your voice to the efforts, and become involved where possible.

Fight the New Drug LogoFight the New Drug exists to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using only science, facts, and personal accounts.

Your Brain on Porn.jpgThis site is maintained by a group effort that includes men who have recovered from internet-porn related problems and a retired anatomy & physiology teacher.  You can contact YBOP here, but you must first create an account. Please do not ask YBOP admins questions specific to your situation.

YBOP does not diagnose or provide medical or sexual advice. See the support page for help with your porn-related problems.

3x Watch LogoOne of the great things about X3watch is that it’s about so much more than just blocking questionable sites.  .  Instead, our goal is to cause people to rethink the very notion of accountability and realize the tremendous benefits that come from it.  Accountability is a great thing!

Accountability helps you make healthy choices.  Accountability provides motivation for positive life adjustments.  Accountability is encouraging and inspiring.

And that’s what we want X3watch to provide.  We want to really give people a tool that will help them grow because ultimately that is what accountability is all about.  We want to remove the negative stigma that is traditionally associated with accountability by reframing it for what it truly is: a positive, motivating force.

Pure desire university logoPure Desire exists to help local churches, and their frequently overloaded leaders, address the unspoken truth of sexual addiction within our society and the church community.  Through a full complement of resource materials, treatment options, partnership opportunities, and conference presentations, Pure Desire is positioned as a leader in providing Christ-centered recovery options for those ensnared in sexual addiction.

covenanteyeslogoReal Relationships.  Real Change.

 Relationships have the ability to overcome pornography’s deep deception.  Covenant Eyes supports the power of Internet Accountability so you can break free from the destructive life of pornography.

Real love is worth fighting for.

Never fight alone. Overcome pornography with the power of accountability relationships.

NCOSE_logo_abreviated_2c-190x300The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is the leading national organization exposing the links between all forms of sexual exploitation such as child sexual abuse, prostitution, sex trafficking and the public health crisis of pornography.  As the thread of pornography in the web of sexual exploitation is systemically overlooked by society, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has prominently advanced this issue as a central pillar of its projects to promote more holistic solutions.

NCOSE embraces a mission to defend human dignity and to oppose sexual exploitation.




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