Listening Ear and a Hearing Heart

Talking things over

“Hearing it a function of the ear. 

Listening is a function of the heart.”

Listen: to hear something with thoughtful attention

Certain sounds often evoke an emotional response deep within us.  I remember the early morning sounds of my father making coffee and packing his lunch as he prepared to leave for work.  The sounds that momentarily stirred me from my slumber also brought a sense of comfort. They reminded me that all was right in the world. I didn’t have to worry about where my next meal was going to come from or where I was going to live.  The sounds told me that Dad was taking care of all of that and I could just be a kid.

If you listened to the sounds in your home what would you hear?  Would you hear laughter or crying? Would the sounds within your home surround your family with feelings of love, warmth, and security?  I hope so, especially during these difficult days. However, learning to listen isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You must learn to listen with your eyes and your heart, not just your ears.  Much of the messages that your loved ones send are nonverbal.  Therefore if you truly want to hear what your loved ones are saying, you have to put down the remote, drop the tablet and listen.  Just listen.  Your loved ones are speaking every second they are awake…you just have to listen!

One addition thought; during these difficult times the isolation that our elderly are enduring can be made much easier if we’re willing to offer a listening ear and hearing heart to those who cannot get out due to quarantine restrictions.  Contact your local nursing home, assisted living or church, offer to volunteer to be a listening life-line to an elderly man or woman desperate for community and connection.  

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  1. Luis Romero

    Good message. It is importtant to always listen to those around you, especially loved ones. However, as men, sometimes we have to make decisions that others will not like or agree with. As valuable as their comments are, we must act according to higher values even if that means acting alone.

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