From Where Do You Draw Strength?


Where do you draw your strength?  What or who do you turn to when you’re emotional reservoir is running low.  Has anyone ever asked you these questions?  Perhaps yes, but most likely no.

Men, we’ve been raised in a “self-made” man culture.  A culture that models self-reliance, isolation, and emotional detachment as the pinnacle of what it means to a man.  We constantly witness this in movies, magazines, music, and media.

As a result, we live by an unwritten “code” that “men are expected to be strong” and “asking for help is the last option, never the first.”   A code that leads to seeking self-medicating fixes, instead of developing true inner strength, and a growing sense of self-worth.

We need to reject this “code,” recognize that we need relationship and resources for restoring our strength.  Moreover, we need to take frequent advantage of these whenever possible.

So what are some healthy sources of strength for renewing your heart, mind, emotions, and body?  These are only recommendations for a starting point.  As you get the hang of it, expand your sources.

  • Read, watch, or listen to stories that inspire you. Be on the lookout for new ones.
  • List the people who encourage you and make it a priority to spend time with them.
  • Start an ongoing list of accomplishments that you are proud of and place it in a visible place to remind yourself.
  • Discover what gives you peace in the midst of a struggle. Perhaps getting away for a walk, hike, sitting alone, or relaxing by a fire with a friend provides times of renewing peace.
  • Write down your hopes or dreams, no matter how outrageous. That’s why we call them dreams, because it’s beyond your imagination today, but in a few years from now, it may become a reality.  Tape a copy of them to your bathroom mirror as a reminder.
  • Get involved in organizations, communities, or activities make you feel good about yourself. Helping others or working for a cause that is larger than yourself often helps you discover meaning and a stronger sense of self-worth.
  • Develop a library of inspirational media: music, videos, audio-book or screensavers, provide encouragement, and inspiration in the midst of difficult days. Look for concerts in the part, places, or events where you can take an inspirational music break.

Here are a couple of songs that have been inspirational to me:

Hopefully, these will stimulate your imagination, helping you to develop some of your own.  The key is looking for sources that enable you to nurture and maintain your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual strength.

In an upcoming blog I share how that making small but consistent changes in taking better care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health will make those years fruitful and fulfilling.  Enabling you to finish well.

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