Emotionally Healthy Leader

By Pete Scazzero

5 Critical Leadership Choices

In a year where the word “unprecedented” has become a frequent phrase, it is an appropriate time to step back and get perspective on ourselves and our leadership.

In his podcast, “Emotionally Healthy Leader,” Pete Scazzero offers an inside view of Moses and his leadership in the midst of great pressure at the Red Sea as Pharaoh takes “600 of the best chariots, along with all the other chariots of Egypt…and pursues the Israelites boldly… overtaking them as they camped by the sea.” (Exodus 14:7).

Moses makes a number of wise, critical leadership choices and, in so doing, offers us a model for us.

  1. He chooses not to get entangled in the fear and anxiety around him. Instead, he remembers the larger, deeper work God is doing.
  2. He chooses not to take the easy, short-sighted path to keep everyone happy. Instead, he courageously does what is best despite other’s lack of support.
  3. He chooses not to react or rush. Instead, he balances God’s call to “be still” and “to move on” in order to remain anchored and non-anxious.
  4. He chooses not to allow others to impose their will on the situation. Instead, he sets clear boundaries out of his unique God-given calling.
  5. He chooses not to remain paralyzed, helpless, or overwhelmed. Instead, he takes thoughtful, practical, difficult steps to move God’s people forward.

Take a few minutes after you listen to the podcast, picking the one leadership choice that most speaks to you and your challenges in 2020.  Then, take some time to ask God what changes he might have you make as you lead for Him this coming year.
Pete Scazzero

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