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Reverence: a deep respect for someone or something, to regard or treat with deep respect.

When I hear the word reverence, it usually evokes images of church or worship. For the longest time in life, I equated the act of being reverent with trying to right-size myself with God. In other words, the term had some heavy religious connotations. As my spirituality changed, it was easy to overlook this powerful word. Sometimes, it was easy to disregard it altogether.

Then I heard the story of a monk who refused to ride in cars, buses, trains, or planes. He was very concerned about the untold number of insects that vehicles kill during travel. He assumed the position that all life is precious and should be honored with reverence. Here was a new take on a word that I had all but abandoned.

It might be a stretch for most of us to act with this level of reverence. But consider the definition. It’s really about choosing to consciously hold others with a continual, intentional sense of respect. This is not an easy task. How often do we jump to conclusions about a stranger’s actions and label them as less than ourselves?… as if we are the moral arbiter of the human race. How often do we look at a female and see only body parts?… measure attractiveness… lust with impunity.

Perhaps we can try a bit harder to hold others with reverence, even when we find their actions lacking. Ask yourself, aren’t we made of the same stuff? Have not each of us been fashioned from the same universe, by the same God? Stop to consider, for a moment, what the world would be like if even half of the human race consciously, continually, intentionally chose to regard and treat others with deep respect.

Meet the Author: Scott Merryman is completing his Masters in Social Psychology at Walden University. Scott specializes in coaching and counseling men in the Judicial System, helping them to explore their belief system and behaviors.  You can contact Scott at

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