Receiving and Appreciating Healthy Intimacy


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Healthy relational intimacy is not a one-way street. Healthy intimacy needs to flow back and forth, to and from each other. Therefore learning how to receive healthy intimacy is just as vital as expressing healthy intimacy. Because most men tend to like being in control, this may be the hardest part of learning how to express healthy intimacy. But with persistence, patience, and practice, the process will become more comfortable and rewarding.

Search for tools to help you better understand how healthy intimacy works. Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, is an excellent resource for understanding your love language and learning ways to improve both expressing and receiving healthy intimacy.

Other recommended resources are The Blessing and The Language of Love by Dr. Gary Smalley. Check out the list of recommended resources at the end of this workbook and on our website:   The best way to improve your ability to receive healthy intimacy is by working with your spouse and being open, accepting, and affectionate.

Developing healthy intimacy is a process for two. You cannot do it on your own in isolation. You can read about it, talk all you want about it, but in the end; you need to join with a trusted partner and begin to purposely, patiently and persistently practice, practice, practice. While practice can improve healthy intimacy, remember there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

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