Mindful Manhood Minute: Doubt

Doubt: to feel uncertain about disbelieving, have doubts aboutundecidedfear or to be afraid of
Doubt is the great disqualifier.  It robs you of your hopes, dreams, imagination and all of life’s possibilities.  Constant doubt leads you to believe somehow or for some unknown reason; you will never have any meaningful relationships, a sense of purpose or content life.

History records that Thomas Edison was asked why he didn’t give up on inventing the light bulb, especially after over 3000 failed attempts.   Edison replied, “Why quit, we’ve just discovered 3000 ways it won’t work.  So we must be getting close to getting it right.”

Attempting to do something you’ve never done will create some doubts.  It’s OK to doubt the idea or the attempt but never doubt you.  You may be one attempt away from illuminating the world.

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  1. Luis Romero

    Awesome message!! Love it! NEVER GIVE UP!!

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