Rescuing the Rogue

2019 Front Cover

Rescuing the Rogue is a revolutionary program enabling men to discover and develop authentic healthy intimacy in all their relationships

Rescuing the Rogue is a 10-week small group, Bible-driven program uniquely designed to transform relationships for men. Rogue eliminates relational barriers and  intimacy ignorance that cause men to feel isolated, lonely or pursue unwanted behaviors.

Rogue groups help men develop an authentic God-given identity which encourages healthy intimacy in all his relationships.

Men will discover in Rogue how to;

  • Dismantle the barriers to healthy intimate relationships
  • Restore the strength of your God-given virtues
  • Conquering the fears that hindered him from becoming the valiant man God made.
  • Eliminate harmful habits, like lust, pornography, or any unhealthy sexual behaviors, that sabotage your heart
  • Practical application of the Armor of God in his life
  • Guide him to make lasting change to transform all of his relationships
  • Learning to practice the Five Pillars of healthy intimacy
  • Use the processes and principles that are essential to developing healthy intimacy, having deeper and more rewarding relationships than you ever imagined
  • Improving his ability to communicate in a meaningful way with his family and friends
  • Forge intimate relationships that last a lifetime


Having healthy intimate relationships doesn’t have to be that hard. Unfortunately, most men are seriously crippled when it comes to understanding, expressing, and enjoying healthy intimacy.  That is why we created Rogue.

Rogue is uniquely designed to transform relationships for men like you by  eliminating  relational barriers and intimacy ignorance that causes you to feel sexually dependent, isolated, or lonely.  What you discover in Rogue will restore an authentic intimacy that will equip you to forge intimate relationships that last a lifetime.

Rogue is a faith-based, Bible-driven program where your faith in God is at the center of everything, for it is only in His power and provision that we find freedom. Throughout its 10 weekly sessions, Rogue cultivates the valiant man within you who courageously develops and exhibits an unwavering friendship grounded by a deeply devoted love and affection with his family, friends and a fellowship of men.

Rogue is a multi-faceted workbook and facilitator guide designed for use small groups, intensive workshops, weekend retreats or coaching individuals

Rogue is a great for every men’s program, or as an aftercare program for your church, part of your counseling or an ongoing program for your ministry organization.  For more information, please contact me at

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FYI: I also provide one-on-one coaching, if you would like to improve your relationships, or you want someone to talk to, e-mail me at ‘’, and we’ll schedule a time to connect. My hope for you is that through these blogs, references, and resources, God will transform you from being bruised or broken to an abundantly blessed man.

2 comments on “Rescuing the Rogue

  1. Dwight Almony

    I went through the program last year and it was very enlightening to see that male intimacy is not a weird thing and that men need a relationship with other men as friends and mentors. The program also lets you know that you don’t have to go it alone and that it’s okay to ask for help from another guy.

    I would highly recommend going through the program to allow you to improve your relationships with your family, friends and others along with growing yourself.

    • Randell Turner

      Thank you for your encouraging words, truly honored to be a part of God great work in the lives of men and their families. Have a wonderful week.

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