Relationship Foundations A Great Gift for Young Adults

A Young Adults Guide to Intimate Relationships

From the author of Rescuing the Rogue, Randell Turner has released a new study guide for young adults seeking deeper more intimate relationships.

Relationship Foundations is a revolutionary seven-week small group study guide for 16 to 24-year-old young men and women specially designed to teach the foundational principles for healthy intimate relationships.

Click here to download a free sample: Relationship Foundations

Building off the success of Rescuing the Rogueour men’s curriculum, Transforming Families continues to create unique resources including books, curriculum, small group study guides, coaching, workshops, and themed retreats designed to guide men and women of all ages through discovering and developing authentic, healthy intimacy.  Through our people and resources, they learn how to cultivate skills that can be practically implemented in daily life, enabling them to forge relationships that last a lifetime.

As you trust God’s guidance, we invite you to help Transforming Families share these resources with family, friends, colleagues, churches, and ministries across the country. We’d love to help them develop themed retreats, workshops and conferences to fit the need of their members.

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Praying that you and your relationships will thrive in 2022.

Abundant Blessings,
Randell Turner


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