Tainted Masculinity’s Transmitted Values

All too many men today have had to mentor themselves into manhood.  As a result, a tainted masculine culture has evolved, glorifying a man’s aggressive, competitive, and controlling nature.  It is bolstered by social media culture; it perpetuates the myth of the “self-made man,” compelling men, like the video illustrates, to lead lives of isolation, void of deep, meaningful intimate relationships.

Masculinity’s tainted transmitted values instruct men to:

  • Believe that a man needs to be strong, powerful, athletic, or have a unique skill set to stand out or be someone worth loving.
  • Believe that men are to repress any or most emotional expression, that except for rare occasions like a friend’s funeral, never let them see you cry
  • Believe that sex is a conquest to pursue and use the frequency of sex as the measure of being loved.
  • Believe that intimacy is something that always leads to having sex, ignorant of the depth of relationship that healthy intimacy offers.
  • Believe that men are supposed to measure their self-worth by their net worth, wallet, work, or wheels.

The result creates a tainted masculine culture that teaches men to compare and compete with other men.  A culture that discourages and distracts men from having any deep, meaningful relationships with other men or mentors.

But we can change this, remove the tainted, toxic, and restore a healthy masculine culture.  It won’t be easy and cannot be done alone.  It will require even more of all men but is worth every effort.  It is restoring a healthy masculine culture that benefits you, your family, community, and country.  Let it begin with you and I.

In upcoming blogs, we’ll what discuss healthy masculinity is, how to discover and develop healthy masculine intimacy within our closest relationships,

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