Meet the Authors: Roxanne & Rob Maroney

For the past fifteen years, Rob and Roxanne Maroney have been helping couples rebuild relationships threatened by lack of intimacy, lost connection, damaged love styles, and broken trust.  As a trained counselor and life coach, Roxanne works with women and couples to help heal and repair broken relationships.  Rob spent twenty-five years in the corporate world with major international companies and now works with a non-profit counseling and teaching ministry.  Rob works with men recovering from sexual integrity issues.

They both have educational backgrounds in psychology, biblical counseling, and Christian life coaching.  They are certified in Gottman Therapist Training and are facilitators of SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts).

Rob and Roxanne live in Orange County, California, and have been married for over four decades.  They have three grown children and thirteen grandchildren.  From their own experience of repair and recovery, Rob and Roxanne share openly and candidly what they learned about building a marriage to last.  Hope After Hurt is a story that needs to be told to give hope to those in need.  Perhaps someone like you and your relationship.

Transforming Families is delighted to have a ministry partnership with Rob and Roxanne Maroney.  Together, through our books, curriculum, blogs, training, and workshops, we are honored to offer you help, hope, and healing guided by God’s Word and wisdom.

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Hope After Hurt is available at most on-line retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, just click on the links below.


Look for more resources being released in the coming weeks to help you to discover and develop healthy intimacy in all your relationships.

FYI: Transforming Families also provides one-on-one coaching, if you would like to improve your relationships, or you want someone to talk to, e-mail me at ‘’, and we’ll schedule a time to connect. Our hope for you is that through these blogs, references, and resources, God will transform you from being bruised or broken to an abundantly blessed child of God.


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