God is Not Surprised By Our Conflicts

Guest Blog by Ash Narayan, Author of Loving Through Conflict

Nothing feels worse than after you have had an argument or disagreement with a family member, friend, or even a co-worker. Your mind races through a plethora of emotions including, but not limited to, anger (how could the other person treat you that way), self-righteousness (you believe you were correct or justified in your position), regret (you may have said something you would like to take back), and sadness (you hurt and know the other person may hurt as well). As a Christian, you may also feel like your behavior has disappointed and grieved God.

In His creative design, God gave us free will, and in doing so, there was an expectation that we would be in conflict. Although He made us in His image, He created each of us to be unique. Of the seven billion people on earth, no two people even have the same fingerprints. This uniqueness naturally results in differences in opinions, purposes, goals, and desires, often leading to conflict. However, a biblical view of conflict creates both a pathway to resolution and the preservation of relationships. God is not surprised, dismayed, or overwhelmed by conflict as we often are. While God cares about our opinions, purposes, goals, and desires, He cares about us even more, both as individuals and together in community. Thus, the conflict becomes another means for Him to demonstrate His love for us and the love for each other and provides an opportunity for us to glorify Him.

The next time you have an argument or disagreement, remember that God is not surprised. He is going to use this as an opportunity to love you and give you the chance to show love to others. Embrace this opportunity, and your emotions will change from anger, self-righteousness, regret, and sadness to joy, compassion, remorse, and peace. God will show you the way to love through conflict.

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Loving Through Conflict

By Ash Narayan

Politics, social justice, the COVID-19 pandemic, church ministry, and marriages are just a small sample of the   myriad of issues causing division across the world today. Never before are Christians more divided on these issues and others. In addition, an emerging trend that has created tension and division among Christians is centered on ideology. Christianity’s fundamental beliefs and truths are no longer commonly accepted. Movements such as social justice and moral relativism dominate academia and the teaching and culture of the younger generation. These progressive movements are the cause of substantial conflict among Christians who steadfastly proclaim their love for the same God. While conflicts are inevitable and have existed since the Fall, what is troubling is how Christians are managing conflicts.

Conflicts, if left unresolved, rob us of the joy that healthy relationships bring. While conflict resolution is a laudable goal, many conflicts will be left unresolved. Accordingly, we need to address a different reality. As Christians, we need to learn to live well with each other in and through our conflicts. Jesus modeled essential principles such as compassion, kindness, empathy, humility, gentleness, and patience, all of which help us face conflict.

More importantly, Jesus is the conduit of God’s overflowing love. Love is relationship glue. When Christians love each other well with commitment and perseverance, they can avoid many of the conflicts illustrated. When any relationship experiences conflict, love can preserve, redefine, and strengthen the relationship, even if the underlying issue that caused the conflict is not resolved. God is all about relationships and wants to teach you how to be Loving Through Conflict.

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