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As I finished reading the book a friend recommended, I sat back to take it all in.  It was educational, inspiring, and worth the read, but this thought struck me.  How do I know that the author accurately interpreted scripture referenced in the book?  Did I look up all scriptures that he references?  Should I have, and why would that be important?

Do I know and understand the portions of scripture he references, or do I trust that his interpretation is good enough?

How do I know that he quoted all the authors correctly?  Did I look up all the quotes or read the book referenced for myself?  If I didn’t, why not?

These are all excellent and thought-provoking questions, but I think these might be better questions.

Am I reading, studying, and understanding the Word of God daily on my own?  Is my faith based upon the gospel that I’ve read, understand, and strive to live every day, or do I depend on someone else’s interpretation of the Word as my guide?

Is the foundation of my faith based upon the Good News or someone else’s views?  Without being a student of the Word, I leave myself susceptible to falling for news that feels good but isn’t Godly.

Recently, Pastor Jared reminded us that Lucifer cleverly deceived one-third of the angels, convincing them to revolt against God.  Deceit filled with half-truths and omissions, like in Eden, with Adam and Eve, often leads us to believe that “we can do better on our own.”

Talk about falling prey to fake news!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that it’s vital to remain a lifelong learner, reading, or listening to books is a healthy habit to develop.  However, without a firm foundation in the Good News of the Gospel, our search for knowledge can cause more harm than good.  We begin to believe this deceitful “feels good” news as it subtly moves our moral compass, leaving us more fearful, frustrated, and less faith-filled or faithful.

Be mindful that without our Shepherd to lead us, even the best of us can go astray.

Enjoy reading or listening to a book or two or perhaps a dozen; just make sure it aligns with the Good Book.

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

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