Relationship Foundations

“Why are relationships so tough?”

That is the most common question I have heard after coaching and counseling hundreds of men and women on a variety of relationship issues.

Another common refrain I hear from graduates of our flagship Rescuing the Rogue program is: “I wish I had learned these principles on relationships when I was younger!” Whether you were raised in a loving Christian home or you lacked any real family structure, it is likely you were never taught or modeled what intimate relationships are supposed to look like. Many of you might have learned about relationships from classmates, friends, television, movies, and the internet. Hardly authoritative sources! The world is a social battleground of values, influences, temptations, and all things that are opposed to healthy and authentic relationships.

God uniquely designed men and women to be in relationship with Him and each other. We believe Jesus came to demonstrate relationship and teach us how to love well. We believe Jesus’ example can inspire men and women to have healthier, deeper, and more robust relationships. We are further guided by the wisdom of Scripture that promises if “we shall train the youth onto the right path, as they grow older, they will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6 NIV).

This book is a seven-week guide to help you learn and apply the fundamental principles to build a healthy foundation for your most important relationships. Each week, you will engage in a variety of activities, readings, and discussions with friends and family. Also, you will have a few devotions and short stories to read and process on your own time. The investment of your time and attention into this program will transform your mind and heart and the way you relate to everyone in your life.

Relationship Foundations will challenge you to learn more about yourself and how God uniquely designed you. The guide can be used as a self-study, but to get even more out of it we recommend using it in a small group. Our hope and prayer are that you will be transformed by the journey. Let this study guide begin to build your “relationship house” on a rock solid foundation which is Jesus Christ.

Here’s what people are saying about Relationship Foundations:

I enjoyed learning about God’s design of relationships. What I liked most about Relationship Foundations was the “Growing During the Week” exercises which helped me apply the material and reinforce what was taught in each week’s lesson. My Bible study habits improved dramatically thanks to this study guide. H. McGinnis, Bakersfield, CA

The most important thing about relationships that I learned from Relationship Foundations is trust. Trusting someone means that you think he or she is reliable. I struggled with trust, especially in many of my broken relationships. However, Relationship Foundations taught me that there is a path to restore my confidence and rebuild trust in many of these relationships. Broken friendships can be repaired and forgiveness is a decision that is in my control.  J. Haller, Columbia, MO

Relationship Foundations

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