Group of african american an caucasian hipster man in discussionSeeds that were sown during a gathering six men discussing developing healthy relationships in 1994, ignited a passion for strengthening families that has grown to become Transforming Families Global Initiative (Transforming Families).  Our journey has included developing nine curriculums for fathers and men and creating tools, training resources for community leaders whose mission is to serve and strengthen families.

Transforming Families President Randell D. Turner, Ph.D., is one of the pioneers in the Fatherhood & Men’s Movement.  Over the years, he has authored award-winning resources for organizations like the National Center for Fathering, Uplift Generation, National Fatherhood Initiative, National Head Start Association, Parents as Teachers, Prison Fellowship, and Fatherhood.gov.   His personal and professional experience inspired the creation of “Rescuing the Rogue” (Rogue) designed to equip men in forging intimate relationships that last a lifetime.  However, Rogue was just the beginning.

Because of what Rogue started, we are privileged each day to witness people from all walks of life be transformed into blessed men and women by eliminating their intimacy ignorance and restoring authentic God-given intimacy in their heart, mind, and spirit through our ministry and materials. We are enabling both men and women like yourself, to courageously develop and exhibit an unwavering relationship grounded by a deeply devoted love with family and friends.

Rising to meet the growing need, we started Transforming Families Global Initiative, a God-created, guided, and growing ministry comprised of gifted men and women with a passion for transforming relationships.  Together we educate, equip, engage, and encourage men and women, enabling them to discover, develop, and deepen healthy, authentic God-given intimacy within all their relationships.

To accomplish this, Transforming Families created unique resources including books, curriculum, small group study guides, coaching, workshops, and themed retreats designed to guide you through discovering and developing authentic, healthy intimacy.  Through our people and resources, you will learn how to cultivate skills that can be practically implemented in daily life that forge relationships that last a lifetime.