Healthy Identity is Foundational to Genuine Intimacy

Some of the exercises in this workbook will help guide you in re-establishing your beliefs. For now, we are going to focus on beliefs that develop a healthy identity and enable you to develop genuine intimacy. We’ll begin by asking a key identity question: What do you believe are the essential virtues or healthy character traits that will allow you to be genuinely intimate? 

What is a virtue?

A virtue is a character trait valued as being good. There is a lot of similarity between character and virtue. Webster defines virtue and character as:

  • Virtue: (noun) derived from the Latin word virtus (mighty works; strength, power; courage); derived from the Late Latin word vir (man; husband; hero)
  • Character: (noun) the combination of moral and ethical qualities that distinguishes one person from another

So, what is a virtue in plain English?

A virtue is a healthy character trait valued as being good.