Rescuing the Rogue

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Rescuing the Rogue, “Rogue” is uniquely designed to transform relationships for men like you by eliminating relational barriers and intimacy ignorance that causes you to feel sexually dependent, isolated, or lonely. What you discover in Rogue will restore an authentic intimacy that will equip you to forge intimate relationships that last a lifetime.


Rogue is a faith-based, Bible-driven program where your faith in God is at the center of everything, for it is only in his power and provision that we find freedom. Throughout its 10 weekly sessions, Rogue cultivates the valiant man within you who courageously develops and exhibits an unwavering friendship grounded by a deeply devoted love and affection with his family, friends, and a fellowship of men.

Rescuing the Rogue is a multi-faceted workbook designed for coaching individuals or for use in a small group environment. Rogue can also be used for intensive workshops or weekend retreats.

Webstore Pictures. 2jpgRescuing the Rogue would be a great aftercare program for your church or organization. The cost for each group member is $35, which includes a workbook.

Each facilitator may purchase a Facilitator Guide and workbook for a one-time cost of $55. For more information, please contact me at

We will provide promotional materials or help you develop unique materials for launching Rogue in your men’s group, church, or organization.

Rescuing the Rogue Groups Feedback:

“Since starting Rescuing the Rogue I’ve seen several significant changes: I don’t hang out at the same places I use to, I am also not as alone as much as I was previously, I am more exited about going home to my wife and my communication with my wife is more open.  Rescuing the Rogue has impacted my marriage, by making is stronger”.  Robert B.

“Through Rescuing the Rogue, I have learned how much God loves me, no matter what, and this has encouraged me to see myself differently – in a much better light”. Steve C.

“One nugget I pick up in Rescuing the Rogue has altered the way I see women, the way I see my girlfriend and the the way I think recognizing and harnessing unhealthy thoughts and quickly replacing them with healthy thoughts.  Seemed like a simple concept yet it was so incredibly revolutionary for me!”  Randy S.

“I find myself closer to my wife than before by being able to have more intimate detailed conversations with her.  I find myself spending more time showing and reassuring my wife that she is valuable and worth so much to me. I find myself reaching out to God more in my struggles and weaknesses”.  Paul F.

“I’m changing my understanding of what intimacy is and started using the tools of healthy intimacy I received from Rescuing the Rogue with my wife. It’s amazing how much progress I’ve seen by simply being intentional about building healthy authentic intimacy with my wife.” John A.