Hope After Hurt

By Roxanne & Rob Maroney


Hope After Hurt

Let's face it … Relationships can be hard. Friendships require patience. Marriage is both joyful and heart-breaking at times. Are you disconnected, struggling, or stuck even after counseling? Or are your relationships too tidy or perfect, but you're wondering what happened to the adventure, the passion, and those feelings of your first dates?

Whether single, dating or married, this book will transform your relationship. If you struggle to find hope, read Hope after Hurt before you do anything else.

Roxanne and Rob Maroney have seen it all after leading intensive four-day marriage workshops every month for nearly ten years, teaching, coaching, and counseling couples looking for hope before giving up. But that's only a small part of their story. In Hope after Hurt, Roxanne and Rob reveal not only how their marriage was rescued from becoming another casualty but how they were set on the path to creating something entirely new. They offer a transparent telling of how their early histories unknowingly haunted their marriage, their choices, and how they dramatically changed their destructive path.

Opening up about secrecy, lies, broken trust, loss of connection, and damaged intimacy, this is not just a story of two flawed people and their need for repair but also an honest account of more than forty years of healing using practical tools for greater connection and intimacy in marriage. Hope after Hurt offers real-life examples and a roadmap to healthier relationships for all couples.

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