Loving Through Conflict

By Ash Narayan


Loving Through Conflict

Politics, social justice, the COVID-19 pandemic, church ministry, and marriages are just a small sample of the myriad of issues causing division across the world today. Never before are Christians more divided on these issues and others. In addition, an emerging trend that has created tension and division among Christians is centered on ideology. Christianity's fundamental truths and beliefs are no longer commonly accepted.

Conflicts, if left unresolved, rob us of the joy that healthy relationships bring. As Christians, we need to learn to live well with each other in and through our conflicts.

Jesus modeled essential principles, all of which help us face conflict. More importantly, Jesus is the conduit of God's overflowing love. Love is relationship glue. Many conflicts can be avoided when Christians love each other well with commitment and perseverance. When any relationship experiences conflict, love can preserve, redefine, and strengthen the relationship, even if the underlying issue that caused the conflict is not resolved. God is all about relationships and wants to teach you how to be Loving Through Conflict.

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