Intimacy’s Influence

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Men always want to be a woman’s first love – women like to be a man’s last romance.     Oscar Wilde      

Healthy intimacy’s influence is not reserved for just a relationship between a man and a woman.  Healthy intimacy affects every part of a man’s life and all of his relationships.  Healthy intimacy influences every aspect of a man’s emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical world.

However, most men have never understood, experienced, nor connected, how much intimacy can influence every aspect of their life.  A closer look at intimacy reveals a wealth of untapped influence that can significantly improve all of their intimate relationships.

Intimacy Essentials

In his book, The Love Language Minute, Dr. Gary Chapman writes there are five essential components of an intimate relationship; intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and sexual.  The key word in this definition is “essential” which means that these are extremely important and necessary for developing healthy intimacy.

What I have discovered over the years of counseling and speaking with men that just identifying the five essential components of healthy intimacy provides greater awareness of intimacy. However, they remain clueless about how to apply intimacy in their lives.  Men are often afraid to learn “how to” apply these essential components and build healthy intimate relationships.

Therefore, we will focus on both the understanding and implementation of giving and receiving healthy intimacy.

Furthermore, in upcoming blogs, we will focus on breaking down the five facets of healthy intimacy being; social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical (non-sexual) intimacy, deviating slightly from Dr. Chapman’s five components of intimacy.

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