Healthy Beliefs Generate a Healthy Identity: Rescuing the Rogue Part 2


What you believe affects how you think. 

How you think affects how you feel.

How you feel affects how you behave. 

Your behavior becomes your reputation.

And what people believe about you.

What do your beliefs teach you about what it means to be a healthy man?  Where do your beliefs come from?  Who taught them to you?  Or are you living on borrowed beliefs?  In other words are your beliefs truly yours or just going along with what your parents, family, or friends told you to believe?

Whom or what do you use to guide your beliefs?  What do your beliefs teach you that guides your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors?

What are the essential healthy character traits of a healthy man according to your beliefs?  Can you list the top ten virtues or character traits that are core to being a healthy man, according to your beliefs?

I realize that I’ve asked a LOT of questions.  Questions you may or may not know the answer to.  Or you might know some but aren’t sure how they line up with your beliefs.  You may not know what you believe.  Being the healthiest man you can be begins with knowing what you believe.

No one becomes a healthy, loving, highly regarded, and approachable man by accident.  A healthy man knows what he believes and why he believes what he believes.  A healthy man strives daily to live his life according to his healthy beliefs.

Recognizing what you believe and don’t believe is foundational to becoming the healthiest man you can be.

So where and how does a man establish his beliefs?  Great question!

Beliefs are established from one or more of the following resources:

  • From the Bible, Pentateuch, faith literature, books, teachings and faith leaders.
  • From our ancestors, family, or tribal teachings, traditions, ceremonies and cultural beliefs.
  • From military code of conduct developed while serving in the military.
  • From Boy Scouts, Explores, 4H, or other similar organization
  • From the NA, AA or SA groups, the Big Book, the 12 step program and sponsors.
  • From Rite of Passage programs, mentors, teachers and life coaches
  • From Little League, other sports, coaches and trainers
  • From entertainers though movies, music, or literature from individuals you admire
  • From ‘self-help” classes, training or resources from leaders whom you admire.

These are just a few, but I think you get the idea.  Your core beliefs came from someone or somewhere.  You may or may not fully know and understand what you believe.  But most men do have some beliefs that they live by.

So here is the challenge.  Take time to write down a top 10 list of the character traits or virtues essential to becoming a healthy man, according to your beliefs.  As you do, begin to clearly identify what your core beliefs are.  Where they come from and what literature or resources you can use to strengthen your top 10 character traits.

Identifying these top 10 character traits requires that you to take a hard realistic look at yourself.  As I’ve said in previous blogs the process of restoration is going to demand a lot from you.  In preparation for completing this restoration you must consider the cost.  It will take time, consistent effort, and patience.  Forging and restoring the healthy man within you will transform you intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  But it’s a process, not a quick fix

In my next blog, I’ll show you how to develop a plan for strengthening these character traits.  But it’s going to take a lot of work, but well worth it.

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