Forging Resilient Relationships Workbook



“Forging Resilient Relationships (Forged) transforms a man’s understanding and ability to develop healthy intimate relationships.  Forged empowers us to become valiantly intimate men through the grace-filled guidance of God’s Word.  This revolutionary program enables men like us to discover and develop the Five Pillars of authentic God-given intimacy in all our relationships, equipping us to forge relationships that last a lifetime.

Through Forged, we will discover how to;

  • Dismantle the barriers to healthy intimate relationships
  • Reveal and restore our God-given identity
  • Conquering fears that hindered us from becoming the man God created us to be.
  • Eliminate harmful habits like deceit, lust, pornography, or sexual dependency
  • Discover and develop the Five Pillars of healthy intimacy
  • Expand your ability to communicate in deeply meaningful ways with family and friends
  • Equip you to forge intimate relationships that last a lifetime

Forged is uniquely designed to be used in four distinct formats; as a small group curriculum, stand-alone topical workshops, themed retreats, and a one-on-one coaching tool.  If you are interested in developing an aftercare program for your counseling, church or men’s ministry, checkout our Faclitators Package.  We will provide promotional materials and help for launching Forged in your men’s group, church, or counseling/coaching ministry,

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