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Most men, especially self-mentored men, have bought into mythical manhood stereotypes that pursue sexual gratification as the measure of whether they feel “loved,” only to be disheartened by the lingering feelings of hollowness and relational insecurity that remains.

I know. I’ve been there, too. For years, I battled my own sexual dependency until I learned how to break free and stay free.

For over 25 years as a counselor, coach, and author, I’ve specialized in working with men who struggle with relational barriers like porn and unhealthy or unrealistic intimacy expectations that have caused devastating damage in their relationships.

I can help you find help, healing, and hope. Most men deeply desire true intimacy. The good news is that there is hope and healing.   will enable you to develop healthy relational intimacy, restoring hope and healing to your heart, your home, and your family.

I would love to work with you in a one-on-one coaching relationship. Please e-mail me at  so that we can discuss your relationship challenges and get your coaching started right away.

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